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Audio Visual Design

The design of your audio visual system is one of the crucial steps to having a system to be proud of.

Sound is an energy and it is critical that for top results, the process of how sound moves, flows and transfers is understood. By understanding your goals and your building or project, we can best design a system that offers unrivaled performance for any budget.

We will work with your Architect, building company or builder to ensure that the most cost effective and top performing specs are put in place before the first cable is pulled or wall is put up.
AV Architects believes that by getting involved as early as we can in the design phase of a commercial or residential project, the better the end result will be for our customers.

We can consult and provide audio or visual design plans on:

  • Residential sound systems and home hifi design
  • Commercial spaces, office, buildings or refits
  • Studio and recording space design where angles and measurements are critical
  • Community facility design, where line arrays or hearing aid loops are to be installed
  • Acoustic treatment and considerations for all work and home spaces
  • Night clubs or bars, with specific goals for noise and zoning whilst maximising the wow factor
  • TV and projector placement design for home or for community and commercial – churches, public houses, private sector enterprise