Audio Visual and Automation Design

The design of your system is a crucial step, almost anything is possible

By understanding your goals, building, or project, we can best design a system that offers unrivaled performance for any budget.

We will work with your Architect, building company, or builder to ensure that the most cost-effective and top-performing specs are put in place before the first cable is pulled or the wall is put up.

AV Architects prefer to be involved early in the design phase of a commercial or residential project.

Consulting and providing audio visual and automation design plans for:


  • Residential sound systems and home hifi design
  • Commercial spaces, office, buildings or refits
  • Studio and recording space design where angles and measurements are critical
  • Community facility design, where line arrays or hearing aid loops are to be installed
  • Acoustic treatment and considerations for all work and home spaces
  • Night clubs or bars, with specific goals for noise and zoning.
  • TV and projector placement design for home or for community and commercial – churches, public houses, private sector enterprise
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Government facilities
  • Specialist communications