Commercial Audio Visual

We offer unique and individual audio and visual packages for commercial clients.

Our work covers new buildings, existing premises or retrofit upgrades.

We can work from the design and planning phase or on projects where specifications are provided and job fulfilment is needed.

We supply all materials, cable, fittings and product required.

AV Architects have completed audio visual installs on Churches, Bars, Historic Buildings, Office Spaces, Factories, Public Facilities and Malls/Shopping Centres.

Who We Assist:

Schools and Education Centres:

Schools and education providers need clear, quality commercial specification equipment to deliver reliable results. AV Architects works closely with all manner and sizes of schools and institutions to provide these solutions.

The latest technology in learning interactions can be provided, or perhaps the requirement is simply for a new projector unit – whatever the scenario, AV Architects is able to assist – right around the Top of the South Island (Nelson, Tasman, Richmond, West Coast, Kaikoura, Blenhiem).

With access to a huge range of suitable brands and product lines, we can offer an unrivalled experience while also providing speedy support for those times when you need it.

Churches and Houses of Worship:

The delivery of sight and sound experience is crucial to effective worship and communication to your congregation. AV Architects has numerous examples of happy clients who have used our services, whether its for TV installations and supply, through to full sound systems, audio matrixing and microphones.

We have assisted clients in this area with budgets as small as hundreds, to large-scale installs where many thousands are spent on top of the line solutions for ‘wow’ factor worship. AV Architects technicians are also able to assist with training, live sound and after sales support. We pride ourselves on being able to be there when it matters, and provide the system support that delivers results for our clients.

Factories and Commercial workspaces:

Busy, loud and often compromising environments – factories and commercial environs can present some of the ultimate challenges for AV techs. When partnering with AV Architects, you can be assured your sound and visual needs are in the best hands possible. Our systems designs, pre-wire and high quality commercial products can take into account all manner of challenges such as; surface materials, poor acoustics, loud machinery and plant, wet and dangerous operating conditions, high heat and low temp as well as many more varied examples.

We have completed a huge array of fit out for these such premises and we always make sure to impress our clients. With our huge product range and brand lines, we can come up with the most cost effective solutions that provide unrivalled service lives for these demanding places.

Bars, Cafes, Nightclubs and Eateries:

One of our favourite types of install is providing first class installs into these buildings and spaces. Owners want to be able to access systems that compliment their décor and interior fit out – with our huge range of brands, we always find just the right product with the right look, feel and acoustic for your business.

AV Architects also make sure your system performs for years to come – we install gear that is easy to use and robust, knowing that staff don’t always take as much care of expensive systems as the owners do! With this in mind, we are big on installing and programming a system that has ‘limitation’ built in so amps, volume and speakers cannot be over driven and blown up. Clever stuff, but also essential for system performance and longevity.

Conference areas, Board Rooms:

AV Architects is experienced in making board meetings and conferences work without a hitch. We can not only provide TV’s, projectors, screens, conference phones, microphones and sound systems but we can also provide the expertise to train you with the gear or even run your conference audio visual for you.

Our systems are designed for clarity, ease of maintenance, low profile install and for performance – all at a price that is highly competitive, aiming to work within your set budget.

Some of our recent installations & projects in the last year:

Fifeshire Rock Nelson – design, build and install of lighting system for permenant public light display on rock.
Port Nelson – 3x new projectors in visitor centre and boardroom
Unite Church Nelson – full B3 Line Array system installed in new Pavilion
Salvation Army Nelson – projector and sound system install in meeting room.
Adcock House Brightwater – 5.1 Surround Sound home theatre, dual zone Yamaha Amp and HDMI distrubution
Cawthron Institute ETW Building – Projector install, HDMI distrubution over network IP, 4 x speakers, Amp, wireless microphones and multi input AV cabinet.
Renwick Community Trust – System design for Hall upgrade
Ngati Kuia Marae – Audio system install and supply for new Marae building
HirePool NZ – PA system for customer hire
Victory Community Church – System Components
Unite Church Nelson – Digital Desk, Speakers, Training
Annesbrook Church Nelson – System Tune (line array)
ASB Aquatic Centre Richmond – System overhaul and tune
Nelson Cathedral – Camera Install and audio control upgrade
Malbas Bar Nelson, October 2014, full sound system
Elim Community Centre, June 2014, full system install (In conjunction with Event Audio)
Holy Trinity Church, Richmond – Projector
Noel Leemings Nelson, August 2014, full install into retail shop refit