Home Automation

Home Automation technology offers the modern residential home smooth and seamless options to control living spaces in ways never previously thought possible.

  • Do you want to be able to control your home when leaving work?
  • Do you want to view your security cameras on your iPhone or Samsung?
  • Do you want to turn on your bach’s hot water, heat pump and warm the oven before you drive in?
  • When you go on holiday, would you like to put your house in ‘holiday mode’ and have the lights auto-switch on and off to make it look like someone is still there?
  • Would you like your blinds to automatically draw, and your gas fire to start each night before you get in?

This is what AV Architects home automation can do for you – from only $3500 (installed) we can supply a state of the art ‘wow’ factor package for you, all run by your smartphone.

Our AV solutions also apply to commercial automation, where we can put you in control of your office and workspaces like never before.

No remotes, no fuss, no mega-manuals to learn. Simple, smartphone-based app control for your home controls and audiovisual systems.

The ‘smart home’ can offer full control over all aspects of your lifestyle within the home. Control audio, heating and cooling, security and surveillance, blinds, zones, and much more.

AV Architects work alongside your home designer or you, the homeowner, to plan and design a system that works for you perfectly.

We can set-up via App-based control software on your mobile device such as the iPhone.

Don’t fuss over multiple remote controls or be constrained to controlling systems only when you are in your house – AV Architects home automation puts the control in your hands, through your phone, from any location in the world with a WiFi connection or mobile data.

“Smarten up your home”

We invite you to contact us to discuss how home automation can assist your lifestyle.

How can SmartHome systems change the way your home works?

SmartHome systems by AV Architects offer a totally new era of usability and new functions for the traditional home. Our systems can be as feature-rich or as simple as your needs dictate. Each of our clients and their homes is unique to them and we work from the design phase to ensure the process is simple, transparent, and cost-effective.

“By 2018 more than 500million homes around the globe will be wired with SmartHome devices”

SmartHome systems can work for the following home types in simple yet amazing ways:

The Family Environment

Your new SmartHome system can offer unrivalled security and peace of mind for the busy family unit. No longer do you need to worry about going out and leaving lights, plugs or HVAC on while wasting energy. With full control from your smartphone you are now totally enabled from anywhere, to turn off, check, adjust and monitor all aspects of your wired SmartHome. If you are out and about, checking security and monitors is as easy as logging in to your app. For the new mother, this means not having to rely on hubby’s updates on the sleeping baby if you are away from home – peace of mind is assured. For the hubby, keep total control of the energy use and bills by switching off the lights and devices the kids might have left on. Enjoy total control of your home for the comfort and satisfaction of your family.

The Professional Couple

Need to keep an eye on your pets while at work? Simple – use your smartphone and dial into all the goings-on in your home while the workday buzzes by. Near the end of a manic day, switch on the spa and get the coffee machine going for your return – all while the aircon has been dialed to ‘comfort’ in a few easy swipes of your finger. The full control never fades when you’re both out of town for work or pleasure. Check on all aspects of your house with a range of monitors and sensors. Even control the watering system and switch on the robot-vacuum easily while away on business,  to ensure your beautiful homestays just that way.

The Home Gardener

The SmartHome doesn’t mean just having a rich feature set indoors – our clients often need out-of-the-box solutions for their grounds and gardens. With a range of sensors, keep an eye on integrated water meters, moisture sensors, and watering systems. ‘Set and forget’ timers to take care of the watering system to achieve maximum health and yield from gardens. Need to keep an eye on soil temperatures? Simple. Get realtime data when you need it, all on your smartphone. And when you retreat indoors after a hard day, enjoy all the amazing features of your indoor SmartHome to take the stress away from everyday life.

For Medical Reasons

One of the most applicable uses for SmartHome technology by AV Architects is for making life much easier for those who find themselves at a physical disadvantage. Set up your rooms, hallways, and utility areas to recognize when you are nearby and switch on lights, turn off heating, set alarms automatically, and much more. A range of sensors for doors, windows, and water ingress will give you and your carer peace of mind that alerts will happen even when no one is watching. Transform your life by pairing your everyday tasks with a SmartHome system that works with you seamlessly and safely.

For The Elderly

Take control of your later years by maintaining independence while always being safe and secure in the knowledge your SmartHome by AV Architects is looking out for you. We can setup HD feeds of the home’s activity to loved ones or medical carers who might be offsite. You can relax in the knowledge that your home is watching and sensing for a range of things that might be out of your control as you age – leaving taps on or ovens going need not be a worry when you are alerted and can take action when need be. Setup auto-watering for the vege patch and only let in the visitors you need with an automatic controlled gate and security system. Safe and secure in the knowledge that you always have that support in the background, you can live to enjoy life, your home, and property.