Vantage Home Automation

Discover the Vantage experience

The automation experience that makes your life simpler, not more complex. Vantage is beautiful home automation that allows you to control a huge array of the aspects of your home, in an elegant way.

With virtually unlimited options, the challenge is knowing just where to begin. Our skilled staff and installers make the process easy.

AV Architects are Vantage Qualified and approved technicians.

You are in control

Only the Vantage system lets you play and gives you the freedom to customise. Simple screens, similar to your smartphone, allow you to make changes, tweak and tweak again until you get the system just right.

Simple screen designs that work intuitively

Modern, elegant interfaces that can be customised to the look and feel you desire. With the brains to back it up, Vantage offers huge power in simple packaging.

Personalise your experience

AV Architects knows one size doesn’t fit all. With Vantage, you can setup ‘profiles’ for different users and create a personalised, individual home experience.

Create majesty in your living environment

You walk out to your pool area after dinner, pull out your iPhone and select the ‘pool’ profile. You are ready to dim the outdoor pool lights and have some background music on the outdoor sound system for ambience.